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Saturday, December 9, 2023


Unanswered Questions and Accountability Concerns Loom Large Over the Treaty Land Entitlement Trust – Updated September 19, 2023

BY JAMES WASTASECOOT As the Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) Trust continues to be the subject of intense scrutiny following its recent AGM and the Meadows...


Status of Peguis CFS proposed building on Fuller Road

Status of Peguis CFS proposed building on Fuller Road By Trevor Greyeyes I was tasked with finding the status of the Peguis CFS Fuller Road project...

Third band meeting (Sept 27, 2023) Update

By James Wastasecoot Peguis Sept. 27, 2023 - The third band meeting under the new council (elected April 6, 2023) held at the community hall...

Land & Water

Band Meetings

Noah got up to ask a question. And then this happened.

By Trevor Greyeyes At a recent Peguis First Nation band meeting (held in Selkirk on May 31, 2023), tempers flared over the on-going issue of...


October Moose Hunt

By Mike Sutherland - This past October long weekend 2022 I was invited to a moose hunt with my son.  His father in law is...
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Culture & Entertainment


What’s going on with Treaty One?

By Trevor Greyeyes - Through three sources, I have confirmed that Peguis band member Wheelan Sutherland is no longer the Treaty One Development Corporation Chief...