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Glamour and entertainment at Proud to Be Me fashion show

Terra Indigena staff –

Glamour and fashion creations were on display at the Peguis Central gymnasium June 7 as Jordan’s Principle clients and Peguis Central students strutted their stuff on a raised, lit catwalk to music and cheers. The crowd was delighted at the “Proud To Be Me – Youth Fashion Show.” Mothers paraded their fashion creations with their children. A brother escorted his little sister on the catwwalk. A mom with her small baby caused some to tear up in the crowd. Traditional dancers and a square dancing troupe entertained.

Fancy Dancer Aiden Daniels thrills the crowd with his artful steps.
Kierstan Sinclair models an Ally’s Fashions dress.
Randy Woodhouse models Ally Fashion dress.
Kathleen Anderson wearing Ally’s Fashion Dress.
Ally’s fashion dress modelled by Shontaiyah Stevenson.
Alicia Sutherland is a growing presence in the fashion world as her business, Ally’s Ribbons, shows great promise.

Makayla Cochrane in grade 12 said:  “I felt free and confident in the dress that I was wearing. I felt I could be myself and not be scared. I was a little nervous at first before I went on stage, but as soon as I went on, the fears went away and I felt good.” Her fashion dress was made by Kierstan Sinclair, grade 12 classmate who also did the walk on the runway.

Jeremiah Flett said there were a lot of people here. “I felt scared. But as I got on the stage, I was alright.” Chenine Stevenson designed the shirt he wore.

Aiden Daniels performed a traditional dance which thrilled the crowd. Another highlight was the fashion designs of Alicia Sutherland, a Peguis band member who’s growing a reputation as a fashion designer. Her business name is Ally’s Ribbons. She said the business she is now running began as a hobby in 2018. She said: “It turned into something that I never thought could succeed. From creating the ribbon work and keeping the love strong for it, I was able to travel all over. With hard work, love, prayer and determination, you guys can do it too.” Several of her dresses were modelled by students on the runway.

“It was successful,” said Lezley Sutherland, Land-based coordinator at Pwegwasis Manidoo Makoons. “The best part of was to see the kids proud of themselves and building their self-esteem. That was the main goal, for them to be proud that they’re First Nation.”

The show was sponsored and organized by the Jordan’s Principle Pwegwasis Manidoo Makoons program. But Peguis students also took part. “It was wonderful,” said Crystal Hansen, Jordan’s Principle manager in Peguis. “We are considering doing it again during Treaty.” Peguis Treaty Days are scheduled for July 15 – 23, 2023.


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